Postgame: Interview

Matthew: "...physical court, net and birdie, physically moving to both sides but involvement of the virtual moves, how you can
                   alter physical reality, that was interesting..."
Daniel: " have to develop new skills and adapt to the new conditions. I think that was nice metaphor of our condition of
               adaptation ..."

Next Iteration

After finishing the MDP Badminton Championship, I came across the idea that as I focused only on the players' experiences, what if I had spectators' aspect as an element as well in the space. How much more interesting would this experiment be?

List of things I concerned
Proper Documentation
Stable System
Successful Interaction with Spectator

Next Experiment Preparation






I picked up little details to create more hybrid space-like mood. Not only for the match but for the documentation.

Exhibition Match Promotion

Salvador and Daniel seemed to be the best two players from the tournament that could handle the system that I was going to create, and also they have a bit of history from the earlier match by miss call of the referee.