Sports Broadcasting + Sports Video Game

These digital collages came from the iteration through the morphology of the two themes, sports video games and sports broadcasting. Sports video games were focused on mimicking broadcasting with computer graphic and sound effects of the game and ambiance in the past. Although I see much improvement in the graphic quality and technological advancement in sports video games in the last few years, it is no longer a surprising fact that sports video games are structurally very similar to the current sports broadcasting.

The relationship between sports broadcasting and sports video games have become more interdependent now. Sports broadcasting, which has more dramatic content and less overall control needs to consider how to deliver what is happening most effectively to its spectators. On the other hand, sports video games need to keep developing its extra elements such as extremely detailed movements, more vibrant noises, and footage in order to overcome their less dramatic content to amplify one's imagination. These two divisions of media influence one another in their development and try to offer better entertainment. I can imagine a game-like broadcasting and a broadcasting-like game merge and exist in the same system near in the future.