Entertaining or Being entertained

What does being in the stadium mean to me? The stadium has a huge influence on us. Although it varies by the event, all public events, such as sporting games, concerts, plays, or fairs have a similar essence which bonds people together, makes us excited and disconnects us from our daily life. In the sports event, there are two main reasons which we can find from fans: enjoying the game, enjoying being in the stadium. The fans who have more of the first reason focus on the game and they are excited by watching it as a big supporter. On the other hand, fans who have more of the second reason are being entertained by the atmosphere. Surrounded by extremely bright lights and loud crowds create a raptured environment and gets them excited even though the food is ridiculously expensive. This place satisfies its audience despite the reason for their attendance. Where is other example that two different aspects merging onto a single platform?