The Goodminton
In collaboration with Daniel Lara Saucedo

When Wii was released to the world in 2006, it was a groundbreaking moment that took video games into a whole new level. Wiimote controller changed the previous notion of the joystick and most importantly the interactivity of a video game with its user. Motion control video games created a virtual space within the home in which physical engagement between the character in the video game and the user became a reality. Although this new platform achieves simulation of key textures of an actual game -the field in which they play, the graphics of the game- there are many aspects that are still missing. One of the key missing elements that motion sensing games attempt but fail to recreate is the space in which a sport game is played. The interaction between a video game and its user exists only in front of the screen. Competing against a machine is not as exciting and entertaining as actually being on the field.

Now, with the invention of motion control games, we can begin to think about the emergence of a hybrid of a virtual and a physical space that harmoniously blends the structure, rules, and order of these two realms. "The Goodminton" is a new mode of sports video games that was initiated in order to navigate the idea of virtual reality and sporting venues. While current video games are limited to the space in which users can set up their console box and TVs, the goodminton is played on an actual badminton court. The movement of the players, the reaction from spectators, and all other conditions are floating data in that space and these are the elements that affect the game. It will introduce a new experience to players that texture of video game is displayed in the real world. In this project, specifically, the line of badminton court is determined the intensity of the chanting by the spectator. As this concept of project is applied to other types of sports games, it will illuminate how this new technology can contribute the realization of an actual to hybrid space.

Experiment Setup