Investigating Layers

In the beginning of investigation of layers, I thought finding out what types of data and information can be generated is the first thing to do rather than figuring out the technical part of how data can be interacted. The knowledge that I gained from previous experiment, comparing sports video games and sports broadcasting was the starting point of this experiment. Video game has no limitation of expressing or creating footage what we imagine. In the belief of the technology will allow us to do almost everything possible what we imagine in the near future, I decided to capture undiscovered data such as, footage and sound that we don't usually perceive through telecasting.

After collecting smaller and lighter devices, voice recorder, spy cam, and micro magnifier that capture sound and image, I located them to where interesting date would be generated. A baseball glove, especially, is an interesting place not only for the footage and sound but also for the data that influences a game critically. What is the more important data? Which data should be exaggerated?