It's You

I went to the gym for the experiment. I usually find myself acting like a certain sports athlete or player reenacting a certain situation that I saw recently from watching an exciting sports event. This idea developed from my curiosity with the fact that I've never had a chance to see myself playing basketball. Being exposed to be captured by the media could be annoying but at the same time could lend itself to be an exciting incident. It is interesting to think about what we cannot see of ourselves in our daily lives. Perhaps that is why people even get excited when they see themselves through the security monitor at the local grocery store. Because although it is unusual, it is you. I posted a piece of paper that said "Leave me your e-mail address and I'll email you footage of your basketball game." I explained the concept and what I was going to do to people who were playing basketball. Unexpectedly, they seemed very excited. I sent the footage a few days later and some of them wrote me a thank you mail back and even offered to bring more people if I wanted to take this experiment further.

Project Setup






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