November 9, 2010

On November 9, 2010, in the afternoon, I decided to throw a MDP Badminton championship. It was a way of running the experiment naturally and having people participate. At the same time, this event kept me moving forward by engaging in continuous conversations with people who were interested to this event. The initial phase of this series of experiments focused on new ways of utilizing technology in a badminton match.

Participants                                    If you want to visit awesome designers websites...
Adam                                  Alex                                    Daniel                                Dee                                     Hae Jin

Ina                                       Jayne                                 Jeremy                               Jisu                                     Link

Matthew Manos                Matthew Kizu                    Mike                                    Salvador                           Sara

I had 15 participants and it seemed it was going to be an interesting event already. Some of them were very competitive types of players that seriously came to this tournament for the title and some of them showed me a generous gesture of supporting my experiment. Either way, all matches were very helpful for me to generate more interesting ideas. From promoting to preparing and documenting each event, it was an overwhelming, valuable and exciting experience.

The First Round Lottery

Although it looks like downgraded version of World Cup lottery, just the way I learned through the media.