Precipitated Sound

January 11th, 2011 at 9:00pm Vista Hermosa Park in downtown L.A.

Is it a battle? Is it a emergency? Is it a game? It can be boring. It can be exciting. It can be odd.
But most importantly, we can hear the least yet most mediated sound. What would you experience if you could hear every player's panting sound, inside a ball or no sound at all?

Also, this experiment and precipitated image comment on the current fashion of media representation. As, arguably, we live in mediated society, our experience can be crafted often by information that is filtered by second party. This is audio clip is information that we can get yet don't usually perceive through the media. Who gets to amplify certain data and play out to the public? It is not a matter of finding better sound. It is a matter of giving equal amplification.

Tag: Information + Cognition ,  Image + Sound,  Investigating Layers,  Adding Layers