How do they operate?

I decided watch a baseball game before I visited dodgers stadium so I can get some sense as to where the cameras were located. It was an important game for the Cleveland Indians because they still had a chance to be the wild card for the post season. I didn't notice until I carefully watched the game that night but the transition of footage was precisely planned and it was very fascinating. Cameras zoomed in players' faces and captured the tension between a pitcher and a hitter and between the two teams. It seemed that the network tried to deliver the exact atmosphere of being on the field to every individual sitting at home, watching the game on TV. Through dramatic footage, data, information, graphics and the story to enhance the spectator's comprehension of the game, the network creates a drama, pulling us into the midst of a tense situation. They lure us into becoming the pitcher, hitter, catch, coach, expert, and predictor.