Technology + Public Event

The experiences that I had from the two different places, E.V.S. and the Dodgers stadium, got me to think about the relationship between technology and public events. The Dodgers stadium is full of technology and utilizes it in many different ways: for entertaining fans at the stadium, for broadcasting purposes, and for the game itself. The Dodgers stadium has two types of fans and this place created the way of supporting both side though using technology.

When an enthusiast leaves his or her seat, the event become out of focus, but there are media everywhere, even in the bathrooms (picture at bottom right) to help maintain concentration on the event. Another type of fan may be more entertained by the many different aspects such as, the atmosphere of arena, food, and additional media sources. Although the event they are partaking in may not be so interesting to this type of fan, the big and small screens in the stadium keep them entertained by offering funny footage, interesting quizzes and so on. Both types of fan, regardless of their interest in the event, are susceptible to pervasive computing. From this observation, I have been thinking about how far technology can fulfill human desire and who should be authorized to implement such pervasive technology.