The Hub

As the part of the research about a sporting event, I went to Dodgers stadium. I took the 110 freeway to get there from school. About 10 minutes later, I saw the sign that said "Stadium Way" and after getting off of the freeway, I was able to find more indications of the Dodgers stadium, such as the street names, billboards, and colors. Those signs gave me the idea of how big of an influence the stadium has on Elysian Heights. Compared to the Dodgers stadium, the neighboring structures didn't seem too well maintained. I felt that the small stores around the Dodgers stadium seemed to rely heavily on the stadium. I found a gas station that went out of business but still offered parking in the previous gas lot for 5 dollars. Clearly, the gas station owner still makes money by offering spaces even though his gas station may have not. It was an interesting infrastructure because all of the information, theme, mood, and language were designed to support one specific location. I think this phenomenon is possible because of the essence and characteristics of the events that take place within the Dodgers stadium.