Tournament Flowchart
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This tournament / experiment was done over four months. From the second round, technology was used to change the structure of the game and the condition of the space which could yield different experiences to the players that were exposed to the new environment. More technology was added by each round.

Match Setup
















The First Round Recap

The first round was the process of sorting players that would handle the technology in the next rounds which required good coordination.

The Second Round Recap

Questions after the Second Round
Why did Daniel use the microphone in a different purpose than I intended?
Why did players keep trying to push the button even though they knew they couldn't handle it?
Why did spectators end up screaming in the Goodminton match?

Relocate the court

Finding the basement of the studio made a big difference.
These were less distraction, restriction and MDP atmosphere.
It boosted an idea of creating "space".

Semi Final Recap

Players started seeing this tournament as a digital system, video game-like, integrated physical space. Although the technology needed to be more stable to have smoother game flow, it was enough to create different experiences for the participants.

P.S: Showing flame and lightning through the projector on the court when they hit a shuttlecock hard didn't seem like an important aspect in this experiment. Although I spent a lot of time(sensor + soldering + action script) to make it work, I had to give it up.

Final Match Promotion

It is evident that the more people create, the better the atmosphere for the match. I had to be a designer of the experiment and at the same time promoter of each match. That was why I made all the promotion videos and highlight reels to draw attention to the MDP community.

Final Match Recap

After the final match and after the series of the experiments, it felt like I ran experiments and digital performance at the same time.

Leaving MDP Badminton Championship...
The tournament has finished. It doesn't mean my experiment is finished.