What does The Story Gets Better aim for?

Multimedia technologies are all the rage, which is not surprising, as they enable our experiences in a way which is usually reserved only for first-hand participants. This is especially evident in the evolution of sporting events, which exhibit the potential outcome of using multimedia capabilities to offer fans and spectators an amplified encounter.

The Story Gets Better: Precipitated Experience is a media-based exploration using the context of sports to investigate the effects of emerging technologies on a new kind of relationship between the human condition and the surrounding environment.

It asks the following questions:
How can sports media be modified to allow for the diversity of nuanced experiences?
How might the integration of computational systems affect our current structures of space?
How drastically might our experiences be changed by these new media platforms?

It focuses on the aspects:
How can media design help to navigate the complex concept of the future?
How can current technology be integrated in the familiar context?
How can monitor-generated idea be presented in the physical space?

As every iteration of numerous experiments raises inquiries and suggests new possibilities, The Story Gets Better inspires speculation about augmented reality, media coverage, and computational environment. Old distinctions begin to collapse.

What is precipitated experience?

Precipitation (meteorology):
Any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity.

As water vapor is transformed into rain, snow, hail, and fog through the condition of the atmospheric layer, variables and conditions of our own making transform what exists into what we experience. The ball game in the stadium is not the TV broadcast in a bar. Nor is it the view from the suite or the courtside banter. In this study, precipitated experience is delivered through three different trajectories: space, image, and sound by using abstraction, amplification, and intervention all in the context of sports.