It was long journey to finally say I'm a media designer. Throughout the thesis study, I was fascinated by thinking through making oriented experiment. This method takes more time to prepare, run and be satisfied. Because prototypes have to look interesting enough to draw attention to people and the outcome is not predictable. There are many intriguing ideas out there exists only on the screen. As much as I appreciate to their vision of the future, there are many aspects that make me hard to put myself in those scenarios. For me, for instance, nicely done video simulation is a story about the unicorn. However, I'd rather figure out what is the biggest size of the rat in the N.Y. subway and form that evidence I'd like to suggest the more believable, understandable, and strong vision of certain circumstance.

Here's my investigation team and I couldn't do it without their help and support. And this is what they might have said in the N.Y. subway rat context.

Ben Hooker (Lead Adviser) - "what if we can understand rats' communication?"

Thea Petchler (Writing Adviser) - "I can help you clarify your ideas at any point in the investigation. But find the map of the subway first."

Garnet Hertz (Adjunct Adviser) - "If you think you need to stay at the subway to discover something, stay there."

Anne Burdick (Adviser Adviser, Chair of MDP) - "Why only subway? Rats can go anywhere."

Also, thanks to Phil Van Allen and Justin Gier for the technical support.